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Platorand Jaarprogram 2018

Shooting Practice

Published on 21 April 2011


Many people, enjoy the individual aspect of this sport in a similar way to that that many have with the sport golf; it is a competition within themselves on how well they do.

If you really want to improve your scores, you need to practice. Even though some may have better abilities than others, Platorand hunters is in the position to have their own shooting range on the farm Uitvlugt, where various disciplines will be on offer for you to practice. These are practical combinations that you would similarly find in the hunting field. As a person with practice and experience you are able to compete against a person with a lot of talent and no experience. If you have the desire to improve your skill levels please participate in these branch shoots. If you wish to improve at all, it is not going to come by magic but by experience and practice.


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